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Conte Guicciardini Wine Club was founded to share our history and passion with lovers of our wines by offering them access to our wines and oils and exclusive services. Members of the Conte Guicciardini Wine Club enjoy special conditions on the purchase of our wines and extra virgin olive oil, wine previews, access to special formats and editions, old vintages, and events and private tastings.

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    Conte Guicciardini

    Conte Guicciardini is a 100% estate-owned winery that produces a variety of high-quality wines from grapes grown in their own vineyards in Tuscany, Italy. Our DOCG wines, such as Morellino di Scansano, are produced with traditional methods and techniques to preserve the style and flavor of the region. Our IGT wines, such as those made from Sangiovese, Vermentino, and other local and international grape varieties, are produced with a more modern approach to create wines with a unique character. Whether you're looking for a traditional Italian red or a more innovative white, Conte Guicciardini has a wine to satisfy your taste. To learn more about our wines, visit our website or contact us today.


    Guicciardini Family


    The Guicciardini family

    The Guicciardini family, one of the oldest families in Florence, has been a prominent figure in the political, social, and economic life of the city since the 13th century.


    Pietro Guicciardini

    In 1416, Piero Guicciardini was appointed "Count Palatine" by Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg. They actively participated in the public life of Florence, providing the city with 44 "priors", 16 "gonfaloniers of justice", and 12 senators.


    Francesco Guicciardini

    The pre-eminent figure of the family was Francesco, the historian who, after holding important positions with the Medici - ambassador to Spain, governor of Modena and Reggio, head of the League of Cognac - retired to Florence and Poppiano where he wrote part of his most famous work, the History of Italy.


    Castello di Poppiano

    The history of the Guicciardini family is inextricably linked to the Castello di Poppiano, a medieval construction originally with a triple ring of walls, built around the year 1000 as an external fortress to defend Florence. An act of inheritance from 1199 confirms its belonging to the Guicciardini for at least nine centuries.


    Castello di Poppiano

    The castle is located in the hills of Tuscany, near the town of Montespertoli. It is a large, imposing structure with a square plan. The walls are made of stone and brick, and they are topped with battlements. The castle has been owned by the Guicciardini family for over 900 years. It has been a home to the family, a seat of power, and a symbol of their wealth and prestige. The castle is a valuable historical and cultural resource. It is a popular tourist destination.


    Castello di Poppiano

    The castle was partially ruined in 1529 during the siege of Florence, as Francesco Guicciardini recalls in his Memoirs. The castle as it stands today, while retaining its ancient grandeur, is the result of restoration work, based on images in frescoes that exist in other Guicciardini villas in the Val di Pesa and Val d'Elsa, following the damage caused by an earthquake in 1812.


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